Mission Statement:

Our Goal is to “combine your generosity and our passion, to personally select, support and supervise relief projects to help the people of Nepal respond and recover.”     

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Newsletter Issue #2 (Winter 2017-18)

Welcome to our second annual newsletter, marking two and a half years since we began our quest to help the people of Nepal.
Our goal remains as valid and as important as it did in the days following the earthquake, in April 2015, when we composed our mission statement: to “combine your generosity and our passion, to personally select, support and supervise relief projects to help the people of Nepal respond and recover.”

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Thank you so much.

Celebrate Nepal

Nepalese Dance Workshop

STV Interview Anna

79 Families Helped

Press Release

“I am very proud to be married to a Nepalese man, Sanu Gurung. We have three gorgeous sons. My connection with this lovely country is very strong .

Our objective with ‘Bring Back the Smile to Nepal’ is to raise funds to help with the awful disaster that has struck this beautiful land and its people.
It is extremely frightening for them. Rescue teams haven’t yet managed to reach the mountainous villages, which have been virtually wiped out.

This is going to be an enormous project. The death toll is huge and rising. The number of casualties is massive and the destruction of people’s homes and livelihood is horrific. Unseasonal rains are hampering rescue efforts. Monsoon is just around the corner. The already fragile infrastructure of the country has been torn to pieces.

So with this in mind I aim to keep this appeal in the forefront of people’s minds, to aid and support the recovery of this nation.”

Anna Gurung, May 2015