A group of six charities and groups, under the organisation of SATHI Nepal, pulled together to complete four much needed projects in Nepal, in time to mark the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake that struck the country.

The four ventures saw educational materials and uniforms distributed to more than 200 children, in Pokhara and Jamune VDC, followed by two complete classroom refurbishments.

“Bring Back The Smile To Nepal was very proud to help with the funding of the classroom refurbishments”, announced Anna Gurung ( founder of the charity) “however, without the combined efforts of everyone involved, these much needed schemes would not take place.”

Further details of the programmes are available by visiting the websites and facebook pages of the groups involved.

“ It really was an amazing effort from everyone involved”, said Mark Bridgeman from Bring Back The Smile To Nepal, “the tireless efforts of SATHI Nepal, the help and sponsorship provided by Macro’s Café ( US ), Kidasha (UK) and ourselves. This was matched, on the ground, by the remarkable practical assistance of Paddle Nepal and We Art One, who made sure everything could take place in time for the anniversary of the earthquake. The pictures really do paint a thousand words!”

Trish Ginnelly, from SATHI Nepal said, “It was a magical day for everyone involved and bought hope to our hearts on the anniversary of the earthquake.”

All the charities involved are committed, in the long term, to Nepal. Further details of how you can help can be found on their websites, detailed here.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that was affected by the earthquake. Jai Nepal.”, added Trish.