Perthshire based charity, Bring Back The Smile To Nepal, is pleased to announce it’s largest and most ambitious project to date.

Anna Gurung, the charity’s founder, is currently in Nepal working hard to assist as many families as possible, as the first anniversary of the earthquake approaches.

In the remote hills of Northern central Nepal (epicentre of last year’s earthquake), a steep and bumpy ascent along a narrow and roughly cut track in the hillside, leads to the isolated village of Archanbas. The village lies in the Gorkha district, north of the Trisuli river.

Archanbas sits, quite literally, on the pinnacle of a very steep hill, affording a beautiful 360 degree vista of the countryside below. The view, however, contrasts sharply with the devastation caused by the earthquake. All 21 homes in the village have been destroyed, or severely damaged, by the tremors. Without outside assistance the residents have been unable to repair or rebuild their homes. Despite these conditions and the blisteringly hot sun, Anna was given a warm welcome, when she visited the community. She knew at once that her charity had an immediate and unique opportunity to help.

Bring Back The Smile To Nepal is pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, it will purchase steel support trusses and cement for every household. This will allow every resident, in partnership with the charity, to rebuild their home immediately. The special steel trusses offer increased support and load capability, whilst being comparatively lightweight and able to help spread and redirect the effect of aftershocks. These materials will  mean that the charity can completely rebuild all 21 houses in the village, from the foundations up.

“In addition to purchasing these essential materials for the village, and aiding with construction”, Anna explained, “we will fund all the transportation costs – which are considerable and out of reach for the inhabitants of Archanbas.”

Within 24 hours the charity had funding in place and had arranged for the first shipment of materials to taken up to Archanbas. Anna arrived back in the village, on the evening of Sunday 10th April. “It was an incredible atmosphere”, Anna explained, “we had undertaken the steep climb to the hilltop once again. We finally arrived just as the sun was dropping behind the hills to the west, only to be met by the entire village. Everyone, even the children, were gathered and were all excitedly working together. Collecting rocks for the foundations, clearing debris or moving materials. All working for each other. It was truly unforgettable and brought a tear to my eye. I felt very privileged to be welcomed so warmly, and very proud to be able to help these lovely people.”

“This is a huge commitment for Bring Back The Smile To Nepal, but we don’t want to stop now. There is a lot more for us still to do, and we can only continue with your generous help. Your donations can make a huge difference to the lives of so many people here.”

If you would like to assist the charity, contributions can be made via the official website Further details can also be found on the charity’s Facebook and Twitter pages.