Guests at Fisher’s Hotel in Pitlochry are getting together to help raise funds for Highland Perthshire based charity Bring Back The Smile To Nepal.

Thanks to an imaginative innovation, organised by the hotel and the local branch of the Rotary Club, guests at Fisher’s have generously agreed to have a small donation added to their bill.

“The hope,” explained Anna Gurung ( founder of Bring Back The Smile To Nepal ), “is that through the generosity of the guests at the hotel, every small donation of just a pound or two, will really add up and help us reach our goal of being able to rebuild another community in Nepal.”

Fisher’s Hotel and Pitlochry Rotary Club have an excellent track record of supporting local charities, so following a talk to the Club, at the hotel recently, they were able to offer their support for the charity.

“We’d like to thank all the guests at Fisher’s, as well as the management at the hotel and the local branch of the Rotary Club, for supporting us and showing so much interest in our important work in Nepal”, added Anna.

More about the charity’s work in Nepal can be found by visiting, or the charity’s Facebook and Twitter pages.