Less than three weeks after promising to rebuild an entire village in Nepal, Perthshire Charity Bring Back The Smile To Nepal’s ambitious project is well under way.

The charity’s founder, Anna Gurung, visited the remote village of Archanbas during her recent visit to Nepal.

“Archanbas”, Anna explained, “is an extremely remote village in Northern Central Nepal. It sits on the top of a steep hill and is very difficult to reach. The people there have received no help since the earthquake and had very little prospect of any. They still showed me so much warmth and hospitality though, it was amazing.”

The charity immediately set about sourcing the necessary materials and arranging the challenging transportation required to deliver to the village.

Within days, work on the first house had begun. The whole community, even the children, turned out to help.

“KB, our Project Manager in Nepal,” Anna continued, “has been busy with the villagers of Archanbas shipping materials, digging foundations, constructing steel truss frames and rebuilding walls destroyed by last year’s earthquake.”

“The wifi is patchy and slow, so we weren’t sure how long it would be until we received some pictures. So we were delighted when the first photographs arrived. As you can see, work is well underway and we hope to have the entire village completed, before the advent of the colder weather in late October / early November.”

The charity would like to thank everyone who has helped and donated in the year since the earthquake.

If you would like to continue supporting Bring Back The Smile To Nepal’s work, or find out more about the charity, please visit – www.bringbackthesmiletonepal.org